Christian Marclay: The Clock

by Sarah Blum | 18.03.18

Tick tick goes the The Clock, 2010, presenting its audiences with a cinematic timepiece. Christian Marclay collages extracts from the past 100 years of cinema into a single film reel, dramatizing time through the carefully selected and jolting film clips which are seamlessly woven together with Marclay’s audio cuttings that unify the work and are presented in real time.

Sitting comfortably in the large darkened gallery in front of the illuminating screen and watching The Clock, viewers become disconnected from reality, caught in a time warp and yet simultaneously aware of time ticking past. As the image of time telling devices appear throughout the 24 hour montage the materiality of time presents itself as a memento mori.

Christian Marclay, the Swiss-American artist has continuously and innovatively explored and fused fine art and audio cultures focusing much of his practice on turntablism. As a result of his innovative practice he was awarded the Golden Lion for The Clock in 2011 at the Venice Biennale.

The globally exhibited work is being screened for the first time at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art until May 19 and has been curated by Suzanne Landau. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch time pass you by. The first of three 24 hours screenings will be taking place on March 22.

Tel Aviv Musem of Art, until May 19, Sderot Shaul HaMelech 27.


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