Ron Arad at Gordon Gallery

by Sarah Blum | 25.03.18

And it gleamed. The first Tel Aviv gallery exhibition of works by the talented visionary, Ron Arad, opened on Thursday, March 22, at Gordon Gallery with much acclaim.

Arad’s exhibition, All and Nothing, immerses the viewer in the artist’s distinct biomorphic shaped tables, made of mirrored polished stainless steel and painted mild steel, which climb onto the walls of the gallery. The engaging installation absorbs its surrounding, drawing the viewer into the reflective mirrored maze, which creates a dialogue with the hanging mixed media work covering the entrance wall of the gallery.

The Israeli born London based artist, designer, and architect, is a boundless innovator. He began his studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and continued reaching unimaginable heights following his breakthrough work, Rover Chair, 1981. Arad Studio in London continues to pursue international projects and exhibitions. One of his most notable large-scale projects in Israel has been the Design Museum Holon, which was completed in 2010, reinvigorating the city.

The writer Jonathan Safran Foer encapsulates Arad’s indefinability; “Is he a designer (Industrial? Furniture?) A sculptor? An architect? A conceptual artist? Should it matter?…”.

The exhibition will be on view until June 2 at 6 Hapelech Street, Tel Aviv.


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