Naama Arad: Love Handles

by Sarah Blum | 03.04.18

Objects. Repetition. Balance. Naama Arad’s sculptural installations convert the function of mass-produced, banal objects, which through her implementation of systems of order, form relationships between unrelated consumer products.

Arad’s delicate works of art re-appropriate ready-made objects, interlacing them with references to; gender balance, psychological tensions, historical happenings and architectural structures.

In Arad’s current solo exhibition, Love Handles at Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, the viewer is struck by a pair of tights suspended from the ceiling and attached to the ground by two large heavy locks. On the wall directly behind, two bright pink Ping-Pong bats hang from a clothes hanger, these carefully assembled and balanced objects, together form aspects of a human figure.

Naama Arad currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Arad studied at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, completing her MFA at the School of Art Institute Chicago. She has exhibited within Israel and internationally in both museums and galleries.

The exhibition Love Handles opened on March 8 and will be on view until May 12, 2018.

Photos by Liat Elbling


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