Adi Nissani

by Sarah Blum | 27.05.18

The ceramicist, Adi Nissani creates unique dining experiences through her artisan tableware, whereby a plate is transformed into a canvas onto which a specially designed culinary vision is presented. Nissani uses natural materials to form her bespoke ceramic tableware, which have been commissioned by the finest restaurants both in Israel and internationally.

By combing her interest in food and design she began collaborating with some of the most prominent food companies in Israel. Most recently she worked with the Carmel Winery and the chef Meir Adoni on ‘Foodography’ workshop for which she created custom photo friendly tableware intended to highlight the way in which the visual presentation of food is just as important as its taste.

She constantly attempts to blur the lines between art and food whilst embracing the role of social media and its use as a tool with which to communicate and share experiences.

Her interest in food stemmed from her experience of working in the food industry whilst studying ceramics and glass design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Nissani continuously develops her practice at her studio in Jaffa [David Raziel Street 7], integrating organic textures with a minimalist contemporary aesthetic, inspired by the natural surroundings. 
| Facebook | Instagram: @adinissani

Photos by Haim Yosef


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