Cafe XoHo

by Sarah Blum | 05.06.18

Within the heart of Tel Aviv lies a foodie’s haven in the form of Cafe Xoho, where the hand written café sign peers out from beneath the wild greenery of the façade whilst the scent of the freshly baked goods arouses a line leading out of the entrance and onto the sidewalk.

Cafe XoHo was founded to create a home away from home by Xoli and Howie in 2010. Xoli a native Canadian who was brought up Hong Kong and Howie who grew up in South Africa were searching for a space and sense of community following their move to Israel. This idea spiraled into the concept behind the café, which was to create a friendly, playful and familial environment in which customers could come and enjoy home made vegetarian food with additional vegan and gluten free options. Cafe Xoho is one of the first vegetarian eateries in the city, heralding the current trend which has swept through Tel Aviv.

The mouth-watering all day breakfast menu is but one of the draws the keeps Cafe XoHo in constant demand. The concept café brings together people through food and art, via regular artist collaborations with some of the city’s most notable street artists and creatives.

Though central located, the seemingly secluded café is nestled within a sea of shrubbery and organic furnishings, through which one can escape bustle of the city with a cup of the finest freshly brewed coffee.

Gordon Street 17. Instagram: @cafexoho

Photos by Dror Einav


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