by Sarah Blum | 30.12.18

Alas, the pencil case has made a comeback and with it the paper filled notebooks imploring you to turn to the next page.  

Industrial designer turned paper connoisseur, Karin Kaufman together with her husband Itai founded the design and graphic studio, KaRiniTi, four years ago. The elegant simplicity of the range of dairies, calendars, notebooks and stationary makes organizing a busy schedule easy. Each item provides its user with a minimalist interface using clear bold font whereby the numerals are key and lead the design direction.

The website is easy to navigate through adhering to the to design conventions formulated by Karin. Each item shown online is accompanied by a friendly description and visual aid, providing a comprehensive presentation, which assists customers in making the relevant organizational decision.

KaRiniTi’s success lies in the thoughtfully designed products presented online as well as in specialized stationary retailers in and around Tel Aviv. The demand for fine paper goods underlines the growingshift away from digital organizers where dates and times are mismatched and meetings are accidently deleted. Putting a pen to paper marks a decisive decision, allowing less room for change or error, (unless that very sacred organizer is misplaced).

KaRiniTi considers its users needs by pre-empting any sort of scheduling decision.

The cleverly devised pages of each scribable item provide a canvas for each person to think and begin designing their lives, inviting users to creatively fill the elegantly simplified pages with colour and personal style.

KaRiniTi provides users with the tools with which to be stylishly effective.
Facebook | Instagram: @kariniti

Photos by Stav Brin


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